Women Only Himalayan Moto Expedition

This is a project that I am a part of. It is one that is near to my heart, combining a passion for sports, outdoor adventures, and helping raise awareness for those in need! Just few days before the Women Only Himalayan Moto Expedition takes off, I would like to present it here, on my blog. It is my fond hope that those who visit and follow me here will find this project, and what it represents, to be worthy of sharing, or maybe even contributing! Please, It’s a bit of a reading, but I truly believe it’s worth to dedicate few minutes of your time to do so! So please read and help me help others!

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I am a passionate traveler and intrepid adventurer with a love of motorcycle touring. Knowing this, a friend of mine contacted me over a year ago to participate in a project she wanted to get off the ground – Women Only Himalayan Moto Expedition. I said ‘Yes’ straight away, before even knowing the details!

The project has fast become popular among motorcycle community. Seeing its impact on others, we soon decided to dedicate it to a particular cause and use as a tool to effectively draw more attention to the problem of children in need – children in coma! We chose a charitable foundation begun by a well-known Polish actress, Ewa Blaszczyk, that supports a revolutionary clinic called  “The Alarm Clock Clinic”, specializing in treating children who are comatose as a result of serious brain injuries.

That way, Women Only Himalayan Moto Expedition became a project for female friends who, like myself, love motorcycling and are serious about raising awareness and helping children in need.

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The enthusiastic response from girls invited to ride along towards the opportunity to participate in this Himalayan expedition was overwhelming. Spots for primary dates ( 3rd to 16th of August 2016 ) were quickly filled and a second group had to be created, with an additional two weeks scheduled, that will take the official completion date to August 27th.

There will be sixteen of us participating in the expedition. Ten driving from Indian town Manali to Leh, between 3rd and 16th of August, and another six driving the opposite direction, between 17th and 27th of August.

Various participants devoted to getting the expedition off the ground over the past few months, working together and contributing our individual skills to make this “Women Only” Himalayan Expedition something truly special. It has been challenging, as we are all scattered around the world, but distance does not matter when you are working for a cause like ours. Our combined effort has produced a webpage, logos, t-shirts, stickers, and many more promotional materials – all for the cause, all freely given, and all very exciting! All this to reach as many potential donors as possible.

So far some motorcycle and adventure magazines, web portal and two radio stations decided to help! We are so proud! THANK YOU!

But we still need help! We need to spread the word and raise as much money as we can! We need you!

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Each one of us has our personal goals related to the expedition, but a shared one is to face and overcome real challenges, experience riding in extreme conditions, visit the Himalayas and do all this for a great cause.

I won’t write more! although I’m so excited and passionate about the project that I could talk about it for hours!

But I’ll stop now, I promise! I hope I got your attention and made you wanna know more! If so, please visit our web page (details below).

Please! Help us to help!

Spread the word –> share our story on your Facebook, Instagram, … or maybe donate if you feel you would like to contribute –> even $1 can make a difference!

You can find all necessary information on our web page:

  • Online Fundraiser
  • Our story
  • Our bios
  • Planned route
  • Our media partners, publications and interviews




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Adventure is bout to begin … !!!



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