One day I made THAT decision… I decided to overcome my fears and jump into deep water… I resigned from job, packed my suitcases, said goodbyes and left my country to live in a place that at almost all means is totally different than what I was used to. I live on a “desert”, as we say, for almost two years now and although it is not easy, I do not regret anything! I found love, made new friends, visited incredible places and what is most important, I am learning more and more about myself every day!

At the beginning I was sending e-mails to my best friends and family. I created a “Newsletter” from which they could find out how Iā€™m doing. But with a time my new life took over and I had no time, or at least that was my excuse. I’m just not good in everyday communication … for us introverts it works a bit different šŸ˜‰

Than I came up with an idea of a blog instead. I thought this would be a perfect way for me to share my life with those who are far away but would like to “travel” with me by watching pictures and hearing stories. And than … a year passed and nothing happened! :/ I was making a lot of attempts, but they always ended with a failure. I was always either too tired, too busy or I was simply away from home on another trip. I as well almost persuaded myself that I suck at writing and no one will ever want to read it (which actually might be a case), nor I can take pictures good enough to share them with wider public (oh perfectionism! how much I hate u sometimes…). But not long ago something changed! I woke up and decided I will no longer search for excuses and I will no longer over think everything (some of you know what I mean ;)). I am sure that all this time I was still adjusting to a new place, new life, new everything, even though I thought that it’s already behind me. I really finally feel free and I’m coming back to be “me” again! When I think about it now, a year and a half of adjustment is not that long šŸ˜‰

I’ve always had lots of ideas about what I want to do with my life, and I cannot sit still for too long. I feel truly alive when things happen, but sometimes, I lack courage and in Dubai I lost my motivation somewhere on the way as well. But by taking small steps, I gradually began to overcome my various fears and weaknesses. I decided that if there was something I desired, or dreamed about, or truly wanted, I would take steps in my life to achieve it. I decided not to think about the cost or the risk involved, but to simply set my sights on living to achieve my dreams. I learned about visualization and hey!, it really works wonders!

During the last few years, I have managed to fulfill many of my dreams. A few of my passions became beautiful, wonderful realities. I toured several desired places around the world and sport events. At first, I was just an observer, but I then became an active participant. I met a lot of amazing people who make me smile every time I think about them. Every event brought new goals that were more ambitious and even more frightening! This visualization really works!!! Being frustrated with the day-to-day trivialities of life also helps – sometimes that can be even more motivating than simply a strong desire to do something.

Therefore, I decided to rebuild my strength again and follow a path where comfort, safety, reliability, and certainty are not really important. That’s the way life works. Fulfill one dream, and then look for another. That’s how the first post on this blog evolved – it will be a kind of diary about my dreams and turning them into my reality. I share this for those people who are interested, who want to know, and who could possibly be inspired. But ultimately, it’s for myself – the exhibitionist part of my nature that wants to share the beauty that surrounds me and the things that make me happy!



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