Sydney Seafood Madness

Did I already mention how much I love food, experimenting with it and exploring new tastes? I guess I did here (From Bangkok with Pad Thai). But let me tell you, next to Thai cuisine seafood is right behind on my top food list! I tried it in many places around the world and so far my favorite was Spain (and it has nothing to do with my love towards this country ;)) So when I was visiting Sydney couple of days ago and I heard that they claim to have the best seafood, I had to give it a try. A friend of mine I was visiting, suggested going to Sydney Fish Market, which claims to be the third largest seafood market in terms of variety in the World! She didn’t have to persuade me more…

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Upon approaching the place I already could smell the typical fish market aroma, so I knew we were close. Important thing is, that I could already tell I will find there only fresh food – you can tell the difference in smell straight away, and this one was quite encouraging.

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My first impression after arriving to the Blackwattle Bay, where market is located, was very positive. Place looked clean and had this special fish market vibe that I like very much. We got there in late lunch time, so there were not so many people anymore and I could see that lots of stuff is about to finish or already had. But for me it was good, I don’t like crowds and I could easily explore the place before choosing my diner, and there was still a lot to choose from! At the end I still had to queue for quite a while, so I don’t want to imagine how this place looks during summertime, with lots of tourists or on the weekend!

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There are many different shops inside. You can chose from ready dishes, sushi, grills or fresh products that can be cooked for you on the spot for some extra charge. I couldn’t decide for a while, wanted everything!

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As they say, you should never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry because you will end up buying way too much. This experience was similar for me, but I really wanted to try as much as I could, so being hungry was a good thing 😉

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I chose freshly cooked lobster, a squid and octopus salad, prawns and crab skewer. There were way more stuff I wanted to try, but it would be a waste of food or I would end up in Emergency room 😉 I’m sure there will be a next time, so I still have a chance to try more. But what I had so far was fantastic! So fresh and tasty! Sometimes I wonder how can you not make it good, but experience tells me you can. Freshness of ingredients is a basis of good meal.

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I loved everything that I tried! There was plenty of sushi as well, so I decided to grab some on the go and enjoy later that day. It didn’t disappoint me either!

Even though it’s winter time in Australia at the moment, I was lucky with the weather and with my friend we could enjoy great time spent outdoors the whole day. It made the whole experience even better.

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I rate my overall experience as great and I highly recommend you checking out Sydney Fish Market and trying their seafood! The place itself could be refurbished and you need to be aware of the ubiquitous pigeons and seagulls, but it didn’t bother me at all. Quality of food was what mattered and it successfully diverted my attention from possible flaws.

If you want to find out more about the place and their offer check They have a Cooking School as well. And with all my experience with cooking schools I attended so far and all the joy and knowledge they gave me, I might want to try this one as well one day!

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