Hiking in Hawaii – Oahu

Let me take you on a hiking journey in Oahu! A true paradise island – one of few! A very expensive one (at least from my perspective), but still a paradise. I fell in love with that place from the very first moment and that feeling remains strong! I hope after what you’ll see, you agree with me and share a desire to see it yourself. I highly recommend (and yes, you can do it on a budget!).

Hiking in Hawaii - 00

As a nature lover and adventure seeker I found in Hawaii everything I search for while travelling. Stunning nature, greenery, perfect weather (in Hawaii you don’t even mind when it’s raining!), lots of activities to choose from, great food, AMAZING COFFEE and plenty more. In this post I want to focus on being active and admiring nature though. I’m sure when you see what I have seen (shame pictures don’t give a full experience) you will understand my excitement and you’ll wanna experience it all yourself!


  1. Diamond Head
  2. Koko Crater Hike / Koko Crater Arch Trail
  3. Kuliouou Ridge Trail
  4. Lanikai Pillboxes Hike
  5. Pali Notches Ridge Hike


1. Lets start with Diamond Head. Not really a hiking experience, it’s a touristy spot with quite easy access, but with some ‘picnic’ equipment/supplies it’s worth visiting. That was the first place I visited after arriving to Oahu. My very first sunset in Hawaii. Maybe that’s why I remember it so well.

Hiking in Hawaii -

Great view over Waikiki

Hiking in Hawaii -

Hiking in Hawaii - 03


2. Another amazing spot in Oahu I got to see and hike up to is Koko Crater. In most cases you will find people climbing an old military railway tracks that goes straight up the face of the crater. It’s more of a workout then a hike though. A Koko Crater Railway Trail is a total of 1048 steps from the bottom to the top of the ridge!

Hiking in Hawaii - 04

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t choose an alternative, not so popular and more challenging route. Therefore, I reached the   top hiking Koko Crater Arch Trail

There’s an arch on the windward facing side of Koko Crater. There’s no real trail to follow though, but the way up is fairly obvious. If you look up at Koko Crater you can see the arch. You might have to look closely as it sort of blends in.

Hiking in Hawaii - 05

Hiking in Hawaii - 06

Once you reach the arch you can walk over it or under it. Underneath the dirt is all loose gravel so you’ll want to be wearing shoes with good grip. If you’re going to go up the top of the arch you definitely want to be wearing some proper shoes. The top is very steep and slippery!

Hiking in Hawaii - 07

After the arch you can hike all the way up the rim of Koko Crater and then up to the top of the stairs. You need to be prepared for a proper ridge hike and some heights, so If you’re scared of them I wouldn’t recommend that trail. The views are breathtaking and the hike itself so much fun!

Hiking in Hawaii - 07


3. From all the ridge hikes I have done while in Hawaii, there is one that I liked the best, mostly because of the view from the summit, the Kuliouou Ridge Trail.