From Bangkok with Pad-Thai

I had a chance to visit Bangkok lately and, as always, I spent an awesome time there!

It is definitely one of my favorite cities and I love coming back! I enjoy every moment spent wandering around busy streets, surrounded by lovely Thai people, city rush, it’s noises and smells, I don’t mind any of them, neither heat or rain. This place is full of history, culture and things to explore, and every time I go back, I learn and discover something new and exciting. They say you either love it or hate it… I’m definitely in the first group!

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During my previous stays I’ve seen many of temples and palaces located around Bangkok. I’ve partied and participated in some festivals, I’ve attended yoga classes and visited most of touristic spots. I’ve done something different every time, but what I can never miss doing, is to visit one of many SPA for a massage (nothing like a proper body treatment! ;)) and most of all – street markets for food.

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I’m a big fan of Thai food. I can be lost in food markets for ages. I think my stomach got used to all experiments I did, so even street food is not a challenge any more, and it can be crazy good!

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That is why this time, knowing that I will be in town for few days, I decided to finally learn how to prepare some of my favorite Thai dishes. So after a little research I chose Silom Thai Cooking School for a place to gain knew knowledge.

 Cooking School BKK-01

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I got persuaded with their 11 years of experience and a very positive feedback from other travelers, including some first hand info from people that I know. I can already say that it was a perfect choice and if you ever think of doing something like that, don’t hesitate to choose them!

 Cooking School BKK-08Cooking School BKK-02We started a day with a visit to a local food market. This was a great way to introduce us to Thai culture and lifestyle. We were told about Thai tastes and customs, local meat, fish, and produce. Finding unique ingredients and trying to recognize spices and herbs was lots of fun!

Touring a traditional outdoor market gave us an insight both into how Thai people approach cooking and how many spend their day. For me that was a unique experience.

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I shared my experience with a lovely people from Hong Kong who made this day even more fun and interesting. Greetings Lau family!!! 🙂  Our Master Chefs’ name was Non, who was very passionate about food and knew how to get us involved. His positive and funny attitude made us quickly feel like we all knew each other for a long time and contributed to an already fantastic day we had.

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Cooking School BKK-13

Non was patiently guiding us through preparation of a complete 5-course meal. We started with a spicy sour shrimp soup – Tom Yum Gong. Very healthy and quick in preparation. At this point I learnt that Thai people don’t eat tomatoes! They do use them for flavor and color, but don’t eat separately as in my country we do for example.

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Cooking School BKK-09

After soup, we moved to my favorite – Pad Thai! Fried Noodle Thai Style, with prawns or chicken, is a must for me when I go to Thailand. I was so excited to learn how to prepare it! I brought some of the ingredients with me back home and already tried to do it myself. I am a master by now! 😉

Cooking School BKK-10

Cooking School BKK-21

Poh-Piah-Sod … Spring Rolls with sweet chili sauce came next. Preparation took us literally 5 min… well maybe a bit longer, because as beginners we struggled with rolling 😉

Cooking School BKK-12

Next step was main course, a Green Curry Chicken (Geang-Khew-Waan-Gai). Since we were preparing everything from a scratch, this exercise involved preparing a Green Curry Paste as well (Nam-Prik-Geang-Khew-Waan). Grinding all the spices together was bigger fun than I could expect. The way we did it could be better than a upper body workout at the gym 😉

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Last but not least a time for a dessert came! If you ever been to Thailand and tried original fresh Mango Sticky Rice, you understand my excitement! In Thai – Khaw-Neaw-Ma-Muang, is one of the most popular sweets. You can find it in each restaurant or street stalls, here usually wrapped in banana leaves, just like some other treats. Yummy!!!

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Cooking School BKK-27

I consider this day as one of the best spent in Bangkok. I had lots of fun, met amazing people and learnt a lot, and my new knowledge already bears fruit 🙂 THIS is what traveling is all about! THIS is why I’m always on the way!

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