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Nature! How much I love spending time outdoors surrounded by nature! It energizes me, relaxes, calms down and helps to recharge my batteries. I’m a huge off road sports fun as well (well, motorsports in general, if you read this post, you know ;))! My excitement was than beyond limits, when a day of my long expected vacation arrived, which I was supposed to spend in a beautiful scenery doing what I love the most – exploring and riding a motorcycle!

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Since I now live in a big city where there is not much greenery, and by ‘not much’ I mean almost not at all (!), anytime I have holiday, I try to visit places that can give this unique experience I miss the most on a daily basis.

I must admit that having friends all around the world can be quite beneficial 😉 It is an unbelievable feeling to know that their door stays always open for me. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the amazing experiences I already had thanks to those fantastic people! This time wasn’t different!

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France – region of Aquitaine, was a place of my choice this time. I’ve been there once before, but just for two days and I didn’t have a chance to really explore it. But that changed now and I can tell you one thing: this place took my breath away and a part of my heart will stay there forever!

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I got to learn some history too while visiting Pau – the capital of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques Département in the region. Stunning city with it’s location just 100km from the Atlantic Ocean and 50km from Spain! On each corner there was something interesting and beautiful to see. There were two things I enjoyed the most though. Boulevard des Pyrénées, which name can suggest the view you can enjoy walking along this 1,8 km long path and Château de Pau – incredibly beautiful castle founded in Middle Ages. I just regretted to have only one day to explore this town…

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I must admit though, that the most exciting thing about this trip was that with a friend I visited we share the same passion for motorcycles and off road riding. So… YES, I got to ride! How exciting!

Combining this with time spent surrounded by stunning views and sounds of nature, instead of city noises, was like winning in a lottery.

French Enduro-1

French Enduro-12

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Spending the whole day doing what I love the most and absorbing positive energy from everything that I saw and experienced was the best remedy I could have imagined for my tired body and soul.

It was great to be coming back to a beautiful house at the end of a day, sit on a terrace and enjoy the company of friends, views, sounds of frogs and crickets and smell of spring. I still see and feel all of that when I close my eyes! French Enduro-3

French Enduro-2

French Enduro-4

I think that pictures speak for themselves, there is no need for too many words. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I saw and you feel motivated to visit Aquitaine. I’m sure you would enjoy it, just like I did!!!

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