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New York is an incredible city, there is no other like it! I could never live here, but I love coming back. I can wonder around  busy streets for hours and hours. There are endless possibilities to spend your time. For me apart from exploring the city, it’s all about enjoying music at Carnegie Hall, The Madison Square Garden, Broadway or one of many music bars, running in Central Park, shopping in SoHo or around 5th Avenue or visiting one of many museums. But no matter what I do during a particular stay, there is one thing I won’t skip… shopping and eating at my favorite organic food stores! That is an experience No. 1.

Last two years have been life changing for me. I got interested in fitness and healthy lifestyle more than ever and even though I had my ups and downs (and I still do), I managed to change my attitude and eating habits. I consider myself healthy now and it doesn’t require any sacrifices! It took time and wasn’t easy, but eating healthy became my new habit. My body doesn’t lack any basic minerals anymore, so I don’t get many cravings, specially those for sweets … I’d be lying saying that I don’t ever feel the temptation, but fortunately it doesn’t happen very often, so when it does I can treat myself with a small reward for a good behaviour. I’m trying to find cool recipes for healthy sweet bites as well. It’s my great personal success! – says a person who was literally addicted to sweets!

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I’m crazy about healthy food. Anything organic, pure, green and tasty needs to be on my plate! You can find such good food pretty much anywhere, but for some reason when I go to New York I go crazy about Whole Foods and Westerly Natural Market. There is something about those stores I can’t explain, but I can spend there lots of time and if only I could, I would buy most of their products. Shelves are full of amazing stuff… some of them I can’t get anywhere else, or at least not without effort and spending a fortune (in country I live in it’s almost impossible). Raw nuts, raw honey, some of superfoods or dietary supplements, natural skin care products, fresh veggies … I do have an issue with beautifully looking fruits that should be seasonal, but look good all year round though … What do you think?!


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I know I don’t know much, but I’m learning every day and trying to be more and more aware of what I’m eating and what to provide my body with to keep it strong and healthy. I can already tell it’s working and I can see results! If for whatever reason I used to neglect it by not eating enough or not good enough for a while (now only some “life drama” can cause it), my body started getting weak, I would easily get sick, become more tired and distracted… Now I don’t remember last time I got sick (it would be almost a year ago I guess) … You really become what you eat!

What’s most important, I got addicted to such lifestyle and way of cooking and the knowledge – I want to know more … I want to learn as much as I can and I’m glad I have such a healthy addiction 😉 and that cooking became a pleasure and fun activity (I used to always say there is always a better way to spend my time than in a kitchen)!

What do you think about our eating habits and lifestyle? Do you share same passion for health? Tell me, share a good location for shopping or a cool recipe? I’ll be grateful 🙂 We learn every day!!!

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