Christmas Spirit

I knew that being away from home for Christmas will be heartbreaking for me, specially that it’s also my birthday. I couldn’t feel any of a Christmas spirit, where the temperature during a day reaches average of 27*C and you are being surrounded by people in bikinis on the beach (and I wanted to live in New Zealand!?). I miss my family and friends too much already, to accept the fact that this time of the year I will not be able to see them in person and support our longterm traditions (specially those including alcohol on my birthday! – NO! I don’t have drinking problems ;)). Luckily, the universe was working in my favour and some of the most important elements of a Christmas spirit were brought to me!!!!


It turned out that I will have quite a lot of time off from work around Christmas and since my dad is retired, and my mum has plenty of leave left, they could come with a visit. Yay!!! Than it turned out, that my boyfriend will be home as well. Double yay!  Than he came up with an idea of inviting his parents over… yay?…  than they said ‘yes’ and than… I started freaking out! 😉 Ok. I didn’t freak out, but when I tell you that our parents have never met before, you will know what I mean. Right?!


We started making plans for the Christmas Eve dinner (which is the most important day of christmas celebrations in our countries) and keeping fingers crossed, that everything will work out just fine. My mum is a master in preparing some of the best traditional christmas dishes, so she played a big role in making it all happen like I imagined.

We had polish herrings in a mustard sauce, baked pork chops, homemade horseradish, polish dumplings – ‘pierogi’, beetroot soup – ‘barszcz’, and the one and only ‘bigos’ (not just a cabbage like you would find in many houses, but the old traditional one with meat and dried fruits, the one whose preparation takes at least 5 days!!!). Desert was brought by my boyfriends parents and turned out to be very similar to our traditional christmas cake ‘makowiec’. My mum wanted to bring it too, but her friend scared her that she should not bring anything containing poppy seeds into Dubai, as it may be considered as a drug, no matter the form (yes, you can go to jail here very easily for stuff like that, but for having a cake???!!!) well… she didn’t want to risk, but hey mum! you brought pork to a muslim country! (by the way, you can buy both in here) 😉


I must say, that the whole day of Christmas Eve and the following ones turned out to be fantastic! I couldn’t ask for more. Ok I could, but it would be too much of fortune 😉 and even I did miss hanging out with my best friends on my birthday, playing poker, drinking wine and having fun till early morning hours like all those past years, I am grateful for having such a wonderful Christmas in a ‘desert’. It is not without significance, that I did get some very cool gifts as well 😉 My dad, since he retired, calls himself a ‘lucky pensioner’. While having a lot of free time, he discovers his new passions and talents. One of them is to make jewelery! No joke! My new bracelets are gorgeous, specially one of them! I love it and will not stop wearing it 🙂


Special THANKS goes to one special Father Christmas, that sent me a great book (apparently ;)) in order to drag me away from FB and other time killers 😉

PS. you do listen to what I say! sometimes 😉


Our parents seem to genuinely like each other, what means a lot to me. We all had a great time. Full of sightseeing, having fun, trying different cuisines and discovering new cool spots for nights out. I know that all that’s good must come to an end, our parents will leave soon and we will go back to an everyday life. But till then I will cherish every single moment with the ones that I love the most in this world – my parents! They mean a lot to me! They are my best friends and no one else loves me like they do! I owe them everything and I want to give them all my love back! For as long as I can! Specially now, when we are so far apart… distance makes you see things from a different perspective. Nothing is for granted. I will not waste time!

Mum & Dad – I Love You!

PS. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of cameras around me, that I dropped an idea of using my own… this resulted in lack of any pictures ;-/ I am not going to wait till any of the fathers sends me theirs, so maybe I will have material for the future post. For now, for those who doubt in my christmas spirit, here is a prove! I DID have a Christmas tree! (don’t judge, fact is a fact, size doesn’t matter ;-))


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