Chicameo, Hong Kong fashion experience

One of the greatest things for me about traveling is meeting new people and making new friends around the world. There are so many interesting, rich in experience and beautiful souls out there and I find it extremely inspirational to hear and learn from their stories. The more you solo travel the more open minded you become. To begin with, it will be outside your comfort zone, but with time and practice, talking to strangers and building relationships becomes easy and natural, and the most amazing stories always come when you least expect them. From a small conversation, a chat, some simple words… Let me tell you one of such cool stories!


I was on the flight to Istanbul when I saw a girl wearing a gorgeous jacket. Actually they were both gorgeous! As soon as I saw her, I had to know where she had the jacket from and if there is any way I can have one for myself. Not thinking for too long I approached her during the flight… to my surprise, I was talking to a designer of the mentioned peace of art herself.

After a short chat and finding out that she’s based in Hong Kong, one of my favorite cities in Asia, I knew it’s not the last time we are seeing each other. Tale, as that is her name, gave me her business card and invited to come and see her whenever I’m in town. It just happened that I had a trip to Hong Kong already planned within a month. Since that moment I was waiting for it with even more excitement!


The clothing line Tale stands behind has a Scandinavian soul. Both co-founders, Tale and her friend Pernille, are Norwegian. They met in Hong Kong around 5 years ago and soon after started talking about doing something together, using their experience and creating their own brand. As a result, almost 4 years ago Chicameo was created.


Girls make it on a small scale, so they can be personal with their customers and do everything by themselves, small enough to manage and yet big enough to keep them busy. They both had previous experience in the fashion industry, so things just fitted perfectly. Pernilles modelling background helped them also a lot. If things are supposed to happen and be successful, every single piece of a puzzle will match. And their puzzles matched!

But why apart from meeting Tale my story is so cool? Because when I e-mailed her with the dates of my arrival to Hong Kong, it turned out they have a Pop-up Sale happening on THAT DAY. They organize it just once in few months! How lucky!? So I not only managed to see the collection, but enjoyed a day at a 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, where the event was held. I loved the idea of combining fashion “show” with an art space.


I spent a very interesting morning and an early afternoon with the ladies, chatting about life, fashion and art, and of course trying on a lot of clothes 😉 I left with a huge smile on my face, new knowledge and a shopping bag with the jacket in it, from which it all started. I’m very glad I had a chance to meet them and I hope to see them again.


The Chicameo team stole my heart with their kindness, positivity and passion for what they are doing, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for them not to change a bit and stay as awesome! 

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