Welcome to my blog !

MeI am not a journalist, a writer, nor a photographer. I am an explorer though. Following and making my dreams come true. You will find here my thoughts, passions, things I want to share with those that can not be with me where I am.

I want to show you how I see the World, what I discover, how I make myself a better person and what makes me happy every day…

I live in Dubai at the moment but am originally from Poland. English is not my native language though, so excuse any mistakes. Although I’m doing my best to avoid them 🙂

I hope you’ll like what you can find on my blog and will come back from time to time to check out what am I up to. If you have any suggestions or want to share your experience regarding the topic, please feel free to comment! I want to know other people stories and learn from them as well!

This is my diary! This is a part of me!